Meet 4Site, from Hudson Contract - the digital platform that lets you: know who’s on site and for how long, digitise your timesheets and paperwork, streamline your operations, and simplify your administration.


Knowing where your operatives are, when and for how long is as important to your business as it can be time-consuming. 4Site saves you all that time by automatically generating timesheets so you have full visibility of on-site attendance in real time. No paperwork, no ambiguity and much more efficient for health and safety.

4Site is also more commercially efficient for remote project management as you only pay for labour when operatives are on site. It eliminates the need to gather manual timesheets in time for the weekly pay run, instead generating automatic payments based on the digital timesheets submitted. And the operatives’ 4Site app uses facial recognition or fingerprint technology, making this quick and easy to do from their mobile devices.

4Site Admin Sites
4Site Admin Operatives


4Site allows you to message your operatives through the app with announcements, updates, notifications and documents, saving you further time. And you can do this by site, group or individual. Streamlined digital communication gives you piece of mind that everyone’s been informed of important information, including the dates and times of who’s read and signed documents.


You can now manage all critical documents electronically, with you and your operatives being able to send, sign and record all health and safety, skills cards/ certificates at the touch of a button. This helps protect your business in accident and insurance claims by having evidence of safety briefings. And arriving at site with all the ‘paperwork’ sorted means operatives will hit the ground running without having to wait around for any inductions.

Last minute changes are a reality in our industry. 4Site eliminates the time and cost impact of these challenges by allowing you to deal with any change remotely. As now you can send all necessary documents through the app, exactly where they need to go. 

Say goodbye to paperwork by creating your own user-friendly digital library to store documents. 4Site provides you with an electronic audit trail, allowing you to pull up historical records and see who may or may not have been on site at any one time.

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4Site Admin Dashboard


In developing 4Site’s reporting tools, we’ve listened to our clients in order to make them as useful and intuitive as possible. So, you’ll find that they are fully customisable, allowing you to track your self-employed workforce, employees, agencies and subcontractors. And you can break down all site hours by site, operative, discipline or even supplier.

For your operatives to get going, all you have to do is send them an electronic invite to download the app. And if you’re a Hudson Contract client, we’ll do it for you. Once they’re up and running, the real-time sign-in function will help you manage multiple sites and distribute resource efficiently. You’ll benefit from more accurate resource planning too, by being able to see if a project plan is on track and react to any overallocation or underutilisation of resource. 

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