Find out why we created 4Site

WHY 4Site?

Good question. And one we’ve answered by tackling the four most pressing issues our clients face:

  1. The need to know who’s on site at any time.
  2. To make sure they aren’t paying for people who aren’t there. 
  3. To deliver a more efficient way to send safety documents and record who’s read them. 
  4. To give them and their site operatives quicker access to cards and qualifications. 
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Client collaboration

Before developing 4Site we spoke to dozens of companies, listening to them about the inefficiencies that are currently holding them back and their own experiences with other systems. This informed how we built a platform designed to do exactly what they need, and nothing they don’t. The result is 4Site - the quickest and easiest system on the market today.

Our initial thoughts that we would build a tool exclusively for Hudson clients and operatives quickly changed after speaking to clients and potential clients. 4Site can be used for anyone attending site, not just Hudson operatives. So along with the Hudson operatives you can monitor your own employees, agency labour and anyone attending on behalf of your supply chain. And if you are not using Hudson no problem, we will negotiate a small fee.

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The Hudson difference

4Site is brought to you by Hudson, the market leaders in CIS compliance since 1996. We wanted to build something for our client base of 2000+ construction firms and more than 50,000 operatives that would make their lives easier - from signing up and getting on site through to getting paid. With 4Site, we’ve done exactly that.

And unlike the comparative systems that tie users in under self-renewing contracts lasting anything from a year to five years, there are no set up costs or tie-ins with 4Site. You can use it month to month, on a pay as you go basis.

4Site is designed for everyone, Hudson clients get it for free, non-clients pay a small fee.

We understand what matters

We recognise that one of the most valuable assets a construction firm has is its workforce. In many cases it takes years to build a good team of employees and self-employed operatives. Using a digital or biometric clocking in tool or training matrix could be risky because it means that you hand over their details to a tech company who could potentially sell that data.

Unlike a new start tech company, we have a proven track record, client confidentiality has been at the heart of what we do stretching back nearly 30 years. In that time, we’ve resisted countless get rich quick offers to sell to or partner with firms wanting access to information about who our clients pay, where they live and work, and their rates. We guarantee that we will never share that information and the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

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